What Are Some Key Things Property Owners Should Know About Sealcoating? Insights From an Asphalt Sealcoating Contractor in Kissimmee

Asphalt sealcoating contractor in Kissimmee Florida

What Are Some Key Things Property Owners Should Know About Sealcoating? Insights From an Asphalt Sealcoating Contractor in Kissimmee

An attractive, well-maintained asphalt surface can make your business desirable to potential customers. A well-maintained asphalt surface also adds value to your property, which makes it easier to sell or rent out your office space in the future if you decide to move or switch locations. The first step in keeping your asphalt surfaces looking great is knowing when and how to sealcoat them.

As the most trusted asphalt sealcoating contractor in Kissimmee, we are often asked: when is the best time to sealcoat an asphalt surface, how long it should last, and what are some things you can do to get the most out of a newly sealed surface? Read below to find out.

How often will you need sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a protective surface that is applied over asphalt. The sealant provides protection against natural elements such as rain, heat, and cold. The sealant will make your asphalt surface look new again by filling in any cracks or surface defects in the asphalt.

The asphalt pavement on your commercial property is a major investment, so it is crucial to keep it looking its best. By sealcoating your pavement regularly, you can increase its lifespan while protecting it against natural elements that may damage its appearance. Not only will you be doing a service for yourself, but also for employees and any customers that drive to your business.

After sealcoating your surface, it should last anywhere from one year to three years, depending on the climate where you live. Rainy climates require more frequent sealcoating, whereas drier climates may only need to be seal coated once every few years.

As a commercial property owner, it is important that you work with a professional asphalt sealcoating contractor in Kissimmee to ensure your asphalt surface is sealed correctly. They will also be able to give you an accurate time frame on how long it should last before a re-application is necessary.

How to maintain your newly sealed surface

Once the sealant has been applied, it requires regular maintenance to ensure long-term durability. Sealcoating should be done every one to three years, or whenever the surface starts looking dull. However, for the sealcoating to last longer than a year after application, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Do not drive over the new coating until it has had time to dry completely. Your asphalt sealcoating contractor in Kissimmee will recommend waiting at least 12 hours before you drive on the sealed surface.
  • Avoid parking heavy equipment on the pavement, or it will start breaking down.
  • If a lot of rainwater is pooling on the surface, you should install a drain to prevent water build-up.
  • Try not to let dirt, sand, and other such materials stick onto your pavement, because these can damage its surface if left unattended.
  • If you notice weeds or cracks forming in the surface, you should contact your local asphalt sealcoating contractor in Kissimmee as soon as possible so they can fix it before permanent damage occurs.

Once all of that is done, you should be able to get a few years out of your new sealcoating job.

Looking for an Asphalt Sealcoating Contractor in Kissimmee?

Now that you have a better understanding of the asphalt sealcoating process and its importance, are you ready to have your asphalt surfaces seal coated? If so, and if you’re looking to partner with the most trusted asphalt sealcoating contractor in Kissimmee, you’ve come to the right place — All Asphalt Services Inc. is the company to call. Contact us today to request a free estimate on your project.

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