Milling Services

Over time, paved surfaces can suffer substantial amounts of wear and tear. This wear and tear can often lead to troubling structural issues, greatly compromising the functionality of the paved surface. Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with pavement inconsistencies: pavement milling.

All Asphalt provides some of the top pavement milling services in all of Florida, offering our services in the Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa areas, specifically. If you’re looking to fix your road or parking lot, we are the company to call.

The Milling Process

The milling process is carried out by a heavy-duty machine known as a cold planer. Cold planers possess round, barrel-like components that drop down and grind at the top of pavement.

Immediately after a chunk of pavement has been grinded, it is transferred into a collection barrel contained on the machine. From there, it is transported to the body of the machine where it is stored until the process has ended.

Cold planer machines are designed to accommodate a number of different milling styles, one of which involves removing only the top layer of pavement, and others of which involve removing multiple layers.

If you’re in need of pavement milling services in Tampa, Jacksonville, or Orlando, look no further than All Asphalt. Our seasoned, skilled, and educated team is well-versed in all types of pavement milling. We would be glad to accommodate your milling needs!

The Purpose of Milling

Often times, when pavement is milled, it is recycled and used to make fresh pavement. By recycling pavement in this manner, companies and municipalities can save a substantial amount of money on the maintenance of roads, parking lots, and other entities.

However, this isn’t the only purpose of milling. This technique can be used to solve a number or pavement inconsistencies, including:


Rutting is the word used to describe the gradual dipping of pavement in specific areas. Typically displayed on the portions of roads where wheels pass over more frequently, rutting can make a road almost undriveable over time.


Raveling occurs when aggregate separates from asphalt. Often seen on roads, it’s a condition that generally occurs due to years of wear and tear.


Bleeding occurs when asphalt rises to the surface of pavement. Typically caused by hot weather and improper installation practices, bleeding can cause roads to become excessively slick. Because of this, it can be a serious safety hazard.


When ripples are created across pavement, it’s known as shoving. Shoving generally occurs due to improper installation practices, and is best repaired through milling.


Over time, as vehicles travel on roadways, the roadways can begin to sag and compress. Everything from small indentations to large potholes can form, creating hazards for those in vehicles.

We’re Fully Qualified for the Job

If you wish to have pavement milling carried out on your road or parking lot, it’s important that you utilize a reputable milling service. In Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida, All Asphalt provides just that.

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When you’re in need of pavement milling services in Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa, Florida, there’s only one company you should call: All Asphalt.

In business since 1986, we have milled the pavement of thousands of roads and parking lots. Regardless of the type of milling you require, we can assist you.

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