Concrete – ADA

If you’re searching for ADA compliant concrete services in the Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tampa, Florida area, look no further than All Asphalt Services. In business since 1986, our company has abided by ADA concrete regulations since their establishment in 1990.

We offer our services to companies both big and small, ensuring that their properties are lawful and well-equipped to handle the needs of physically disabled individuals. Providing both installation and repair services, we complete our projects quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Sidewalk Installation and Repair

Sidewalks are vital to the overall functionality of a commercial property. Not only do they provide the property with a nice aesthetic touch, they make it a safer place to be, protecting both employees and visitors alike.

If you need sidewalks in Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa, All Asphalt is the company to call. We are the locally-owned professionals in the installation, maintenance, and repair of concrete sidewalks. Our team of highly experienced workers will ensure that your sidewalks are designed and constructed in the exact manner that you want and that they meet ADA requirements.

Water Flume Services

Water flumes are vital components in any drainage system. These concave, downward-sloping, concrete slabs catch running water and carry it to the appropriate drainage areas. Though not all flumes are made out of concrete, concrete is often the best material to use for commercial flumes.

If you’re interested in having a concrete water flume installed on your commercial property, All Asphalt can help. Our team of seasoned and skilled workers has installed countless flumes throughout the years, assisting a wide variety of clients throughout the Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa areas.

Cement Curbs

When constructing a commercial property, it’s often a good idea to install curbs. Concrete curbs create a change in elevation between two areas, allowing for optimal drainage while providing a classic aesthetic.

The professionals at All Asphalt have installed and repaired countless curbs throughout Florida, helping our customers to maintain a physical boundary between their properties and outlying areas, while also creating a safer environment. Our curbs adhere to all ADA requirements.

Steel Bollard Installation

In industrial areas, steel bollards are often needed to protect workers and pedestrians from collisions with vehicles. If your commercial property is in need of steel bollards in Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tampa, Florida, All Asphalt can help.

Traffic Calming Services

As the owner of a commercial property, you’ll want to avoid the possibility of people driving through your parking lot at high speeds. For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to install traffic calming components on your property.

All Asphalt has installed traffic calming components for countless companies, including speed bumps, speed tables, and speed humps. Whichever type of component you need, our team can install it for you in a quick and professional manner.

ADA Compliant Concrete

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. Since then, public areas have been required to meet very specific government-regulated guidelines.

All Asphalt is well-versed in ADA guidelines, and is experienced in installing ADA compliant concrete. If you need ADA compliant parking lots, ramps, sidewalks, or otherwise, we are the company to call.

Make Your Concrete ADA Compliant with All Asphalt Services

If you’re looking for ADA compliant concrete services in Tampa, Jackson, or Orlando, Florida, All Asphalt is the company to call. Consisting of an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled team of workers, we’ve been installing and repairing concrete entities for decades.

Whether you need your sidewalk repaired, steel bollards installed, or speed bumps added to your property, we will assist you. Utilize our ADA concrete services by contacting us today!