Asphalt & Paving

Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa Paving

Paving is an option when the asphalt deterioration is beyond repair or when creating a new asphalt area. When repairing, we begin by cleaning and removing debris from the area before applying a tack coat. The tack coat helps to insure a bond between the old and new layer. Hot asphalt is then installed to the specified depth and compacted with vibratory plate and/or a multi ton vibratory roller. Hot asphalt is a mixture of sand and gravel blended with asphalt cement that is spread and compacted to a smooth recyclable road surface.

What causes asphalt to deteriorate?

Deterioration begins immediately. You will see the rich black color turn to gray in no time. The sun dries out the natural oils and resins that are essential for the strength and flexibility of the pavement. Once the asphalt becomes dry, erosion of the top layer leads to cracks on the surface. Water penetrating into the asphalt base will soften and expand it and is the primary cause of deterioration. Cracking will continue and the surface will take on an “alligator appearance.”

Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa Asphalt repair or patching

If the asphalt surface has begun to deteriorate it should be removed and replaced. The first step is saw cutting or milling the deteriorated asphalt. Our Orlando asphalt company will then haul the material off site to be recycled. After repairing any damaged base we apply tack coat to all edges to seal against any future water penetration. The hot asphalt mix is then installed and followed by the use of either a vibratory plate and/or a multi ton vibratory roller for compaction.

How to prolong asphalt life expectancy

Asphalt is sand, rock, and oil. The oil is the glue that holds it all together and is highly susceptible to problems with sun, water, and traffic. To keep the asphalt from drying and cracking it needs to be sealcoated. Sealcoat is a sun block for your pavement. New pavement should be allowed about six months to cure before sealing. Applications at approximately every three years will help to stop solar damage to the binder material. Sealcoating is a very cost effective preventative maintenance measure for extending the life of pavement. It resists damage from the sun, petroleum spills, and water penetration.