Four Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating in Port St Lucie

Four Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating in Port St Lucie

asphalt-sealcoating-parking-lotAs asphalt faces wild temperature changes, smoldering heat, heavy traffic, and natural disasters, it will start to deteriorate. This can usually be seen in the form of cracks, which start out small, but as rain pours over them, water reaches the deeper layers of asphalt where it can wreak havoc. Soon enough, the small crack becomes a tear in the asphalt, and your driveway or parking lot is unusable and needs either expensive repairs or a complete rebuild. However, if you catch these small cracks early enough, and if you sealcoat them, you can save money, time, and a lot of headache. By utilizing the services of a professional asphalt sealing and asphalt paving company in the Port St Lucie area, you can extend the life of your asphalt. Here are some of the other benefits of asphalt sealcoating:

1. Protects Against Moisture

As mentioned above, water can do a lot of damage to an asphalt surface. Moisture will infiltrate the cracks in the asphalt, and in colder climates, it will freeze and expand. This expansion forces the asphalt apart, widening cracks and creating tears. You can also experience water damage during heavy rains, when water infiltrates the underlying rock and gravel, causing erosion and tremendous damage over time. With sealcoating, the surface integrity of the asphalt is protected, removing or significantly reducing the possibility of water damage.

2. Protects the Color of the Asphalt

Over the years, sun will start to fade the color of the asphalt, creating a discolored look that makes the asphalt look like dusty concrete. For a business, this can make a significant difference, especially if you have to bring clients on your premises. The faded look is simply not ideal. However, through the sealcoating process, asphalt will maintain its original color for a much longer period of time.

3. Promotes Longevity

The lifespan of an asphalt installation is limited. Depending on your area and of the various damaging factors that affect the asphalt, your installation may deteriorate faster than normal. Sealcoating can help prevent this process and stall it, increasing the lifespan of the installation significantly. This can help save a lot of money in both repairs and replacement procedures—money that can be funneled into other aspects of your property or business.

4. Protects Against UV Damage

In popular culture, one of the most iconic representation of asphalt is the long, winding desert road heading into the sunset. It is also cracked and faded. This is an accurate representation of what sunlight can do to asphalt. Due to ultraviolet radiation, the road deteriorates faster because sunlight breaks down the aggregate and the binders in the asphalt. Fortunately, a sealcoat offers protection from even the harmful radiation of the sun.

Types of Sealcoating

There are two different types of sealcoating available. You have coal tar sealers, and asphalt emulsion coatings. The first type of coating is cheaper, but it is more labor intensive to apply. It is also eco-friendlier, so if you are concerned with chemical or fuel spills, this is the coating to use. The asphalt emulsion coating is easier to install, but it does not offer protection against spills. However, it is also likely to emit less volatile organic compounds. Of the two, the latter is usually the higher quality choice, but your Port St Lucie asphalt paving and asphalt sealcoating contractor will recommend the best option for your project.

Interested in Asphalt Paving or Asphalt Sealcoating in the Port St Lucie Area?

If you have a project that involves asphalt sealcoating or asphalt paving in Port St Lucie area, contact us today! Asphalt sealcoating is almost always a wise investment, as it can triple the life expectancy of the surface. Our experts will be able to offer you advice or a pricing estimate, and any other details regarding the products or the procedure of seal coating your asphalt. Call today.

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