The Lifecycle of an Asphalt Paving; Perspective from an Orlando Asphalt Paving Company

The Lifecycle of an Asphalt Paving; Perspective from an Orlando Asphalt Paving Company

asphalt-paving-company-orlandoInvesting in a parking lot or a commercial driveway for your St. Augustine business can come with a hefty cost, and maximizing the usability of this investment is an important consideration if you want to reduce spending over the long term. The lifespan of an asphalt paving is influenced by a variety of factors, but property owners can have a direct impact on this lifespan if they employ the right maintenance care measures. With the right maintenance programs and well-timed repairs, an asphalt surface can last up to 25 years or more, significantly lowering your property expenses. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the lifecycle of an asphalt paving, pinpointing the key inflexion points when repairs and maintenance programs have the highest ROI.


Here is a breakdown of the asphalt paving lifecycle in years:

Years 0-5 – During the first five years, the asphalt paving is generally very durable and sturdy. There may be some discoloration at this stage due to sun damage, and heavy vehicle use may lead to some cracks. However, the asphalt should still be in excellent condition.

Years 5-7 – This is generally the period when many property managers begin taking preventative maintenance measures. Maintenance programs are used to seal the asphalt and prevent any water damage from taking place.

Years 7-15 – As your asphalt installation reaches its 10th year or so, minor repairs could become necessary. These may consist of patch repairs, which are not very intensive, and which are designed to increase the lifespan of the asphalt surface. Standard maintenance will still be necessary.

Years 15-25 – At this stage, major repairs may become necessary. Larger damage may occur, and if the asphalt has seen heavy usage, it may need a complete resurfacing.

Years 25-35 – This is typically the point where you reach the end of the lifecycle. The asphalt becomes too brittle from elemental exposure and heavy use, and as such, significant damage occurs regularly. The issues facing the asphalt will have to be addressed by extensive repairs or a complete reconstruction.

How to Extend the Service Life of Your Orlando Asphalt Surface

While this is the average age range for an asphalt surface, you can ensure that it reaches or surpasses the higher end of the range with a proper maintenance plan. Preventative maintenance routines are designed to identify key issues early and prevent them from causing any real damage to the surface. This can not only extend the life of the asphalt, but it can also save you money on repairs/replacement services. Preventative maintenance usually consists of procedures such as sealcoating, which will ensure that your asphalt paving can withstand weather and water damage, as well as reduce the effect of regular wear and tear.

As an owner, you can perform quick inspections on your surface and check for symptoms that may lead to larger problems in the future. Make sure that there are no faults in the asphalt surface where water could potentially infiltrate. You’ll also want to make sure that water is properly drained. Sure, it may not be able to penetrate your asphalt structure right away, but standing bodies of water will eventually find a way to seep through. Finally, try to reduce any spills of oil, chemicals, or other fluids on the asphalt paving. These can have a significant impact on structural integrity.

Interested in Making the Most Out of Your Orlando Asphalt Paving Installation?

If you are looking to prolong the longevity of your asphalt installation, we are here to help. We offer asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance and asphalt repairs in Orlando to all commercial and industrial clients. Contact All Asphalt Services Inc. today to get started!

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