Do Asphalt Millings Make a Good Commercial Driveway? Insights from an Asphalt Paving and Milling Company in Orlando, Florida

Asphalt milling in Orlando, Florida

Do Asphalt Millings Make a Good Commercial Driveway? Insights from an Asphalt Paving and Milling Company in Orlando, Florida

Having a safe and damage-free driveway is important for a business. To add to that, a nice aesthetic can make the driveway even more appealing. This can be achieved by choosing the right materials when constructing or repaving a commercial driveway.

In terms of materials, there are several options when paving a commercial asphalt driveway in Orlando, Florida. However, asphalt millings are one of the more preferred options. Below, we’re going to discuss the reasons why you should consider this versatile material for your property.

Using Asphalt Millings for Paving Commercial Driveways in Orlando

A driveway constructed with recycled asphalt millings could be the right choice for you. It’s relatively easy on the budget and lasts quite a long time. For this reason, asphalt millings make an excellent material for commercial driveways and parking lots. Here is a detailed look at the benefits you’ll get with asphalt millings:

1. Quick Installation

Asphalt millings is a time-saving construction material. Compared to a material like concrete which can take weeks to get the driveway operable, asphalt millings driveways are functional in just a few days. Installation is relatively quick, and it’s also safe.

2. Durable

A driveway made of asphalt millings will not be a soppy mess. The original asphalt utilized to make this material hardens well and makes it stable. This allows asphalt millings to act as a great base that will also last for years to come. It will stand up to the toughest of weather and has the capacity to endure damaging conditions.

3. Cost Effective

Yes, asphalt millings cost much less. Essentially, these are recycled asphalt pavements utilizing former projects’ asphalt crushed into sizes comparable to gravel. Since no new materials are being extracted, built, or transported, the overall costs are dramatically reduced, making the material highly cost-effective.

4. Environmentally Friendly

A driveway constructed with asphalt millings offers cost benefits and is also environmentally friendly and safe for use. It is a smart choice for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Being a recycled product doesn’t compromise its quality, and it gives you great results.

5. Smooth Appearance

Your driveway in Orlando. Florida will have a smooth and even look after the completion of the project. Sure, it may not be as smooth as concrete or new asphalt, but it will serve its purpose well. Besides, if you’re looking to add a rustic look to the driveway, millings would work well. With consistent maintenance efforts, your driveway will look good for years to come.

6. High Quality

Yes, millings are pieces of asphalt ground into gravel size pieces, and quality can vary. As such, it’s important that you purchase superior millings and partner with a reputable provider. Failing to do so can affect your project’s success and longevity.

7. Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for an asphalt driveway material that requires minimal maintenance effort, asphalt millings are a great solution. The material needs minimal resurfacing, refinishing, or replacement. Asphalt millings harden over time and get stronger. As a bonus, asphalt millings produce less dust, which requires less cleanup. Don’t forget to ask your asphalt milling company in Orlando, Florida how you can extend the surface’s life.

Are You Looking for an Asphalt Milling Contractor in Orlando, Florida?

Asphalt millings in Orlando, Florida are economical, versatile, durable, eco-friendly, and offer benefits you won’t get with most other paving materials. If this sounds like a good option for your commercial property in Orlando, Florida, get in touch with the professionals at All Asphalt Services. Contact us today at 407-774-2009.

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