Why You Need an Asphalt Maintenance Program in Tampa

Why You Need an Asphalt Maintenance Program in Tampa

asphalt-cracking-road-damageAsphalt maintenance programs in Tampa are specifically designed to improve the ROI of your asphalt driveways, roads or parking lots. Without such a program, the lifespan of asphalt structures is drastically reduced. Cracks will start showing up, and over time, the asphalt will start to resemble loose gravel.

This does not mean that asphalt is not a very strong material—it can take a lot of punishment on its own. But when you throw in temperature variations, pressure from heavy vehicles and other stress factors, asphalt will eventually succumb and start showing signs of wear and tear. This is where maintenance comes in. It is an expense that is meant to offset other, much larger expenses that come in the form of repairs and new asphalt installations.

The Consequences of Poor Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt will be slowly damaged by weather conditions as the years go by. Heat will have a damaging effect on the glue that holds the aggregate material together, and as this glue starts to loosen, the surface of the asphalt deteriorates to the point where cracks form. You then have to deal with the winter thaw, which also damages the material over time. The asphalt will suffer even more deterioration in areas where you have frequent freeze-thaw cycles. Add heavy vehicle traffic to this equation, and you can imagine where you end up.

This is where regular maintenance comes into play. The small cracks that are formed during these temperature swings and heavy usage can turn into potholes, or large cracks in just a few months. This is because the small cracks act as access routes from the top layer of the asphalt to the substrate, where rain water can infiltrate and weaken the foundation of the road. Then when you add pressure from vehicle traffic, soon enough, tears start to appear.

The Purpose of the Asphalt Maintenance Program

An asphalt maintenance program is meant to do 3 things:

  • Detect issues early-on: An asphalt contractor will be able to deal with most any issue you have with your parking lot, driveway or road. However, if you want to avoid large expenses, you can opt for an annual maintenance program that can detect issues in their early stages, when they are much less expensive to repair, and before they become far more destructive.
  • Repair issues in their infancy: As mentioned previously, early detection allows contractors to fix cracks before they become a bigger issue. If a crack gets out of control, the damage can be tremendous—to the point where it makes more sense to replace entire sections rather than repair it. With a maintenance program, a contractor is able to detect these cracks and seal them before water has any chance of reaching the substrate. The maintenance program will also include processes that refresh the rich color of the asphalt, making your parking, driveway or road look like new.
  • Sealcoating: In addition to preventive repairs, a maintenance program also includes sealcoating. Sealcoating is the process where a layer of coating is applied to the asphalt in order to protect it from water, oils, and UV light. When performed on an annual basis, sealcoating does wonders for the lifespan of an asphalt surface.

Want to Learn More About Our Asphalt Paving Maintenance Program?

If you have any questions about All Asphalt Services’ maintenance programs, or would like to officially setup a asphalt paving maintenance program for your property in Tampa, please feel free to contact us. One of our experts will be happy to help you understand the costs, processes, and procedures that go into our asphalt maintenance program.

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