Why Sealcoating is Important and Necessary: Insights from a Tampa, Florida Asphalt Repair Company

Why Sealcoating is Important and Necessary: Insights from a Tampa, Florida Asphalt Repair Company

Asphalt sealcoating at a parking lot in Tampa, FloridaAsphalt is a versatile material that is used for several commercial applications in Tampa, Florida. It can degrade over time, though, which is why it needs all the protection it can get. This is where sealcoating can be very beneficial — it offers many advantages that prolong the lifespan of asphalt.

Why does asphalt need sealcoating?

Asphalt is combined with different types of aggregate and filler. The types of aggregate vary, but they include gravel, sand, and other types of materials. Asphalt surfaces have some weaknesses that cause its lifespan to be rather short, including UV radiation, and various chemicals from automobiles. When exposed to these things, asphalt can degrade quickly. Sealcoating can be used to help protect asphalt, and consequently, lengthen its lifespan. Coating the asphalt should ideally be done before the asphalt suffers any major damage to prevent more problems.

Benefits of Sealcoating:

Saving Money

By sealcoating the asphalt, a lot of time and money can be saved. The sealcoating can be redone every few years to continually protect the asphalt, helping you avoid the need to repave it. Repaving an asphalt surface can be a time-consuming, expensive project, and it’s a huge hassle as well. Putting on another coat of sealant, on the other hand, is much less intensive work, and it saves a lot of money in the long run.

UV Radiation Protection

Exterior asphalt surfaces are constantly bombarded by UV radiation several hours each day. This unrelenting light can wear down the asphalt, and when the asphalt wears down, the aggregate starts to loosen up and break down. Sand may start appearing in spots, and eventually, the surface breaks down further, becoming very rough. Dirt, grass, and other debris can also get into the spaces of the asphalt, which creates a mess. This requires major work to fix, which is why it is best to protect the asphalt surface from the beginning with a sealcoat. The protective layer is specially formulated to guard against the harsh, harmful radiation of the sun. The coating can double the lifespan of the asphalt and keep it strong.

Chemical Protection

Coating the asphalt with a special seal can also help protect it from several chemical problems. For example, whenever there is a gas spill on an asphalt surface, it can cause damage to the asphalt. This is because asphalt and gas are both petroleum products. Because they are similar, the gas can dissolve the asphalt and weaken its structure. This significantly softens the asphalt and reduces its strength and lifespan. Using a special sealcoat on the asphalt will help to create a barrier that stops the gas or other petroleum products from reacting with the asphalt and weakening it.


In addition to protecting asphalt surfaces from a host of functional problems, the coating also helps asphalt to look brand new, because it hides imperfections. It is truly very useful for high traffic surfaces where constant maintenance would be a huge hassle.

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