How to Repair Cracks on an Asphalt Parking Lot: Insights from an Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Company in Kissimmee, Florida

Freshly repaired asphalt parking lot in Kissimmee, Florida

How to Repair Cracks on an Asphalt Parking Lot: Insights from an Asphalt Paving and Maintenance Company in Kissimmee, Florida

The moment you spot any cracks on your commercial asphalt parking lot, you’ll want to act quickly. The longer you leave the cracks unattended, the more they will suffer from water and/or sun exposure, resulting in even more damage. Any cracks that you notice should be repaired as quickly as possible.

Are you considering repairing your commercial asphalt parking lot all by yourself?

The job may sound daunting enough at first, but you don’t always have to call in an asphalt repair professional in Kissimmee, Florida. With some do-it-yourself tips, you might be able to perform some basic asphalt repair tasks on your own. As with any DIY project, however, the devil is in the details. This blog will give you all the information you’ll need to know in order to get the job done right the first time.

Repairing Asphalt vs. Fixing Concrete

Whether you are fixing cracks on an asphalt parking lot or a concrete one, both repair jobs entail similar work. However, because asphalt is a more specialized product than concrete, the materials you shop for to repair your asphalt parking lot cracks will most likely not be available at your nearby home improvement store. With that in mind, you’ll want to be prepared to put more time and effort into finding the right products.

When dealing with concrete, the size of the crack does not matter when determining which products you’ll need to purchase for the repair. Whether ½ inch wide or two inches wide, you can fill the gap with plain old concrete. The same is not true of commercial asphalt parking lot repair — for cracks that are less than ½ of an inch, you will need a “crack filler,” while cracks that are ½ of an inch or wider require “asphalt cold patch.”

Whether you use a crack filler or asphalt cold patch, you’ll want to use these patching compounds only when the temperature outside is warm enough. It’s a good idea to follow the instructions on the product label to determine the ideal temperature.

With the shopping out of the way, you can move on to the work that’s involved in repairing the cracks in your commercial parking lot.

Steps for Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

  • Are there weeds growing out of the cracks? If so, pull them out
  • Use a strong spray from a garden hose to clean the cracks
  • Apply weed killer
  • Fill deep cracks to within ¼ inch of the surface with sand.
  • Tamp down the sand
  • Apply the patching compound
  • Allow it to cure
  • Apply sealant

One thing to note here is that, if you are dealing with more severe damage to your parking lot — i.e., wider cracks — you may want to consider a replacement, which will need to be handled by a professional Kissimmee asphalt company.

Also, keep in mind that the task described above, which is primarily a repair job, is not the same as when we talk about sealcoating the asphalt lot. The latter is maintenance that needs to be done periodically — about once every three years — in order to keep the asphalt from drying and cracking.

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