Everything You Should Know About Asphalt Paving in Jacksonville, Florida

Paving a new asphalt road in Jacksonville, Florida

Everything You Should Know About Asphalt Paving in Jacksonville, Florida

When it comes to paving commercial surfaces, there are several different materials you can choose from. However, asphalt makes an excellent choice for businesses due to its durability, appearance, and affordability. With that being said, we understand that you may want to gather as much information as possible before deciding on the right type of pavement for your property. Our experts are here to explain every detail you’ll need to know about Jacksonville, Florida’s most popular paving material choice: asphalt.

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a composite material that contains bitumen and mineral aggregates used for roads, parking spaces, airports, and many other paved surfaces. It is a safe, lasting, and affordable choice for constructing commercial pavements.

Types of Asphalt

Different paving jobs require distinct types of asphalts since each one has unique characteristics and formulations. Your asphalt paving contractor in Jacksonville, Florida should be able to formulate the right mix for your particular project. However, these five types are some of the most common:

Warm Mix: It requires emulsions, waxes, and zeolites, making asphalt an environmentally friendly and safer option. But warm mix does not offer much durability and may be used for low-traffic applications like patching.

Hot Mix: It is manufactured under high heat, making it the most durable type of all. Hot mix — is ideally used for high-traffic applications such as runways and highways.

Cold Mix: It usually remains soft under colder temperatures and helps repel water or moisture. Cold mix is easy to manufacture and is often used for fixing potholes and other repair work.

Porous Asphalt: It is a highly eco-friendly paving option, leaving tiny holes on the surface, and retaining the ability to tackle stormwater.

Coarse Grade: This one is ideally used as a base coat or binder to support finer-grade mixes used for surface lifts on commercial parking lots or municipality roads.

The Benefits of Asphalt Paving

If your contractor suggests other paving material, give asphalt a second thought. Consider its numerous benefits and see for yourself why it makes a popular selection with Jacksonville, Florida businesses:

1. It Is Durable

Asphalt is a durable paving material, lasting for about 15 to 20 years. Regular asphalt maintenance can extend its lifespan even further.

2. Helps Reduce Noise

Besides being durable, it also is the quietest of all. Due to its noise-absorbing qualities, asphalt is a great choice for driveways, parking lots, and highways.

3. Offers Quick Installation

New asphalt and its repairs are relatively fast and easy. Materials needed to produce asphalt are readily available. These can also be processed and applied at any location. However, it is best to use skilled contractors so they can effectively take the project from start to finish.

4. 100% Recyclable

Asphalt is fully recyclable, meaning any old asphalt can be repurposed for another project without compromising its quality and strength.

5. Provides Better Drainage

Asphalt is durable, affordable, recyclable, reduces glare, is quick to install, and provides better drainage. The porous quality is the most superior when it comes to drainage abilities. In general, asphalt helps manage rainwater and keeps a check on moisture levels as well.

Repairing and Maintaining Asphalt

Asphalt, like any other paving material, can sustain damage with time and rigorous use. Although it is a durable solution, the surfaces may deteriorate and age. You may see cracks, potholes, depressions, base failures, stripping, and patches. However, most damage is avoidable with preventative asphalt pavement maintenance as well as adequate installation. If your pavement shows any signs of wear, it is best to get those repaired when problems are relatively minor and can be tackled quickly. Talk to an expert in Jacksonville, Florida to get precise quotes on asphalt pavement installation, asphalt repair, and asphalt maintenance programs.

Looking for Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor in Jacksonville, Florida?

There are many contractors out there that provide commercial asphalt paving services in Jacksonville, Florida. You’ll want to make sure you find the Jacksonville asphalt paving contractor who offers a competitive quote and has years of experience. We are Jacksonville’s most trusted contractor specializing in all-things asphalt. If you are looking to install a new asphalt pavement or parking lot for your business, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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