Reasons to Be Proactive with Parking Lot Maintenance: Insights from an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor in St. Cloud, Florida

Asphalt maintenance contractor in St. Cloud Florida

Reasons to Be Proactive with Parking Lot Maintenance: Insights from an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor in St. Cloud, Florida

If you own a vehicle, you can find several pages on various maintenance tasks in the owner’s manual that came with your car. This is not done with the intention of raising extra business for car dealers or private mechanics. Instead, the maintenance schedule is included to help you lower your repair bills, prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, and feel more confident while on the road. The parking lot maintenance tasks recommended by your St. Cloud asphalt contractor are vital for the same reasons.

Are you interested in learning why it’s important to be proactive when it comes to maintaining your parking lot? This asphalt maintenance contractor in St. Cloud, Florida is going to explain below.

What could happen if you do not maintain your parking lot?

Any experienced asphalt maintenance contractor in St. Cloud, Florida knows that a well-maintained pavement will sustain less damage. This, in turn, will lower the risk of expensive repairs or premature pavement reconstruction. Maintenance tasks such as routine cleaning and sealcoating can help minimize (and even prevent) pavement damage.

Neglected asphalt parking lots are more susceptible to developing wide and deep cracks, which will allow a significant amount of water to seep beneath the pavement’s surface. This can lead to erosion of the base layers, making the foundation unstable and limiting its weight-bearing strength. The pavement could also collapse in areas with base erosion, and massive potholes can form very quickly. Fatigue cracking (also known as ‘alligator’ or ‘crocodile’ cracking) is another type of damage commonly caused by a weakened or destabilized base.

Asphalt contractors generally recommend sealcoating the pavement every two years or so. Even with sealcoating, though, it is recommended that all automotive lubricants (engine oils, transmission fluids, and grease) be cleaned at least once every six months. You should also include regular sweepings in your parking lot maintenance schedule. However, depending on the specifics of your pavement, the time between sweepings could range from 12 hours to 30 days — so you will need to consult with your St. Cloud asphalt maintenance contractor to determine the most appropriate schedule for your needs.

You can reduce the frequency and severity of cracks in your parking lot by proactive maintenance, but your pavement may still develop cracks at some point in the future.

Ideally, you should repair any cracks that are more than half an inch in depth or width as soon as they are identified. A thorough inspection of your parking lot every spring by a professional asphalt maintenance contractor in St. Cloud, Florida, is the most effective way to ensure that major cracks are identified as soon as they form on your pavement.

Can you quantify the return on investment on parking lot maintenance?

The fact that proactive maintenance and timely asphalt repair can save parking lot owners thousands of dollars in repair costs and reconstruction has long been recognized by asphalt maintenance contractors. However, determining an accurate return on investment (ROI) has proven to be a challenging task.

Not all parking lots are built the same — they come in different sizes and can be used for different purposes. On average, investing $1 on parking lot maintenance can save at least $4 in repair costs (in many cases, the savings could be as much as $10 for every $1 spent on maintenance) in the long run.

Looking for an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor in St. Cloud, Florida?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of maintaining your asphalt surface, are you ready to partner with the professionals? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated asphalt maintenance contractor in St. Cloud, Florida, look no further than All Asphalt Services. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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