Asphalt Milling Services in Brevard County, Florida

Asphalt milling machine in Brevard County, Florida

Asphalt Milling Services in Brevard County, Florida

Asphalt milling, also known as pavement milling, is one of the most cost-effective paving processes that sometimes takes place before new asphalt is laid. It is usually not offered as a standalone process, and it may come included in the package that your Brevard Country asphalt contractor provides.

Milling is often recommended to smooth out an asphalt surface when the existing materials are in good enough shape to be reused. If you’re looking for asphalt contractors that provide pavement milling services in Brevard County, Florida, we would be more than happy to help. But before you make your decision, we’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about the process.

What is Asphalt Milling?

Asphalt milling refers to the process of removing the top asphalt layer to a specified depth without harming the sub-base. As long as the sub-base is in good condition, this process allows the contractor to lay a new asphalt layer correctly, while also helping you save time and money. In addition to the sub-base, milling also leaves the drainage system, curbs, and other existing structures untouched.

As mentioned briefly above, asphalt milling uses crushed remnants of other asphalt surfaces, making the process highly cost-effective compared to most other paving projects. It certainly makes a durable asphalt surfaces that is also resistant to harsh weather conditions. Over time, the milled surfaces harden to make it sturdy and long-lasting. Plus, the process is not prone to ruts or getting scattered — also known as crocodile cracking.

However, before you decide to go with asphalt milling for your pavement, it’s important to have the surface inspected by an asphalt paving contractor to determine whether it’s suitable for this type of project.

How is Commercial Asphalt Milling Done?

Milling is a recycling and repaving process that removes the topmost layers of pavement with a cold planer. This milling machine gradually drives down the surface with a drumhead covered in spikes to dig deep into the asphalt. It finally rips off the top layer and removes all the material.

Next, a vacuum sucks up the material and heaps it onto a series of conveyor belts. These carry the milled asphalt and dump it onto a truck. The dump truck and the milling machine move simultaneously to keep collecting the material as it’s removed. The accumulated material is then taken to the plant, where it’s mixed with the new paving material.

Once the surface is milled to the desired depths, it’s swept thoroughly so that the new layer does not have any problems bonding with the existing base. Leaving the sub-base intact, asphalt milling allows you to install a fresh layer on the top without much time and effort. This is why so many commercial property owners opt for pavement milling projects as opposed to installing a brand-new asphalt surface.

Looking for an Asphalt Milling Service Provider in Brevard County, Florida?

When the milling process is done correctly the first time, the new layer will be set evenly and will last for years to come. None of the foundational elements will be affected, and the process can be finished in much less time.

All Asphalt Services has a team of highly skilled technicians who use heavy-duty equipment and quality products for each job to deliver superior milling services. From parking lots, to driveways, to walkways, and more, we’re a reliable source for all of your asphalt milling and paving needs.

Whenever you’re ready for a consultation, give us a call at 407-637-6591. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and accommodate your requests. For more information, request a free quote today for your Brevard County, Florida commercial property.

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