Identifying Asphalt Pavement Damage: Insights from a Commercial Asphalt Repair Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Asphalt crack repair in Jacksonville, Florida

Identifying Asphalt Pavement Damage: Insights from a Commercial Asphalt Repair Company in Jacksonville, Florida

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Below, this commercial asphalt repair company in Jacksonville, Florida is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about asphalt pavement damage.

Forms of Asphalt Pavement Damage

Pavement damage arises when the asphalt can’t hold its original shape any longer. The three most common forms of damage include the following:


Cracks are inevitable and unsightly — and, if you don’t repair them in a timely manner, they can quickly turn into potholes. If the damage is severe, you might notice circular cracks, crocodile cracks, or edge cracking.


Potholes are the most severe form of pavement damage. The shifting of the soil underneath an asphalt surface can sometimes cause potholes to form. The shifting soil creates a weak spot over time, which can eventually form a hole in the pavement.


Depressions occur when certain areas in your asphalt pavement settle lower than the surrounding surface. These craters might not crack or create potholes anytime soon, but they can certainly be dangerous. In many cases, these show up when the pavement isn’t graded appropriately. It can lead to pooling water, which can lead to early deterioration.

While there are many other forms of damage that could occur, the three reviewed above are the most common. If you need help repairing any of these issues, your commercial asphalt repair company in Jacksonville, Florida would be happy to help.

Enemies of Asphalt

Asphalt is the ideal material for installing commercial pavement in Jacksonville. However, even this highly durable and long-lasting paving material has its weaknesses. Here are some of the things that can cause your asphalt to deteriorate:

Standing Water

Ideally, asphalt pavements are designed and graded to ward off standing water. But if you don’t stay up to date with its maintenance, water can start to pool in weak areas, which can lead to cracks or potholes. If you notice standing water on your asphalt surface, it’s best to contact your Jacksonville asphalt repair company for a repair.

UV Radiation

The more your asphalt pavement is exposed to scorching heat and UV radiation, the more it wears down. To help protect your surface from the sun, you may want to consider sealcoating it. Not only will sealcoating prevent water absorption, but it can also help protect against sun damage.

Consistent Heavy Load

Consistent heavy loads on your pavement can certainly make it susceptible to early damage and deterioration. As such, if your surface is exposed to heavy traffic and/or large vehicles on a frequent basis, it’s recommended that you setup a preventative maintenance plan with an asphalt repair contractor in Jacksonville, Florida.

Viscous Fluids

Viscous fluids, such as oil and fuel, can stick to an asphalt surface and breakdown the bond between the asphalt materials, making the surface weaker. If they are not washed away in a timely manner, these fluids can cause an asphalt surface to crumble, leaving you with expensive repairs.

Looking for a Commercial Asphalt Repair Company in Jacksonville, Florida?

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