What Does Preventive Asphalt Maintenance in Orlando Entail; Insights from an Orlando Asphalt Paving Company

What Does Preventive Asphalt Maintenance in Orlando Entail; Insights from an Orlando Asphalt Paving Company

asphalt-paving-orlandoNo matter how well-designed an asphalt installation is, time will take its toll eventually. As such, local asphalt contractors offer several options when it comes to preventive asphalt maintenance. The challenge for facility owners and managers is to find the most effective and economically viable strategy for their business. Some strategies will be effective in some cases, while other cases may require a different approach.

Asphalt maintenance programs are generally designed for newer pavement systems, where the procedure is still cost effective. These systems will usually be 3 to 7 years old, and they may be showing small imperfections such as cracking and surface raveling. In these situations, preventive maintenance programs can extend the life of the pavement by several years. However, if the asphalt shows structural failures and deficiencies, preventive maintenance will not be effective.

Asphalt paving and asphalt maintenance programs in Orlando consist of:

Asphalt Crackfilling in Orlando

If the asphalt surface has cracks in it, the contractor will use the crackfilling process to blow out and clean the cracks, and then fill them with a suitable material. This material can be either asphalt cement, fiberized asphalt, asphalt emulsion, or a polymer-modified emulsion. Cracks are particularly dangerous to the longevity of the asphalt because they allow water to infiltrate and cause larger damage to the deeper layers of the asphalt. Crackfilling will help prevent this from happening for about 3 years, after which the process will have to be repeated. It is definitely a cost-effective option that lowers the need for much more expensive repairs in the future.

Asphalt Cracksealing in Orlando

Cracksealing is an extra-step in the crackfilling process that is done to ensure longer-term protection. The process involves grinding the crack wider by about half an inch or more, and then adding in rubberized crack seal material. This is a particularly useful practice in areas that experience frequent thermal changes, such as freeze-thaw cycles.

The materials used for this process include rubberized asphalt and asphalt rubber. The first option is the most common one, and it is very cost effective. The materials used for cracksealing are performance graded, being designed for a set of temperature range. As such, the material used needs to have a history of proven performance in order to thrive in the Orlando climate. You will also find so-called “parking-lot-grade” sealers, which sacrifice longevity for speed of installation. These materials are ideal for urgent projects.

Cracksealing has a lifespan of up to 5 years, depending on the material used. A contractor will consult you every step of the way, and he or she will suggest the best option for your budget and installation.

Surface Treatments

There are several types of surface treatments to choose from, and the right option is determined by a variety of factors. These include the asphalt’s end use, pavement condition, local climate, and others. Generally, you can divide these treatments into three categories: coatings, penetrating/rejuvenating sealers, and aggregate-based seals. Coatings are used to protect the asphalt from chemical spills such as fuel, oil, and others. Rejuvenating/penetrating sealers are used to rejuvenate the asphalt and mitigate the effects of environmental damage that naturally occurs over time. Finally, aggregate-based seals have a variety of uses, depending on the seal. You have slurry seals, chip seals, and many others.

If you’d like to know more about the various asphalt maintenance programs available in Orlando, their costs, and the best solution for your business needs, contact us today. If you interested in new asphalt paving in Orlando, you can call us as well.  You will be able to talk directly to one of our representatives who will help you out with any specific questions you may have. Give us a call to get started! You will quickly realize why we are the most trusted name in asphalt maintenance and asphalt paving in Florida.

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