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Tampa Sealcoat Services

In order to keep our Tampa roadways beautiful and protect your investment, All Asphalt recommends our sealcoat process for your new asphalt surface.  Sealcoating provides substantial protection to the top layer of asphalt by preventing water from penetrating the surface and oxidation and wear from exposure to the sun, air, tire damage, and petroleum products.  Our sealcoat is made up of a mixture of emulsified salt, water, mineral fillers, and other mixtures, and if applied, can reduce the cost of maintenance by almost 300%.  The sealcoat process is a much cheaper option than resurfacing an entire area, and is only necessary once every three years.  The pricing of asphalt is determined by the current pricing of crude oil.  With the constant rise in the prices of crude oil, the cost to repair and replace asphalt is less economical than our sealcoat process.  In addition to the cost saving benefits of sealcoating, the fresh black pavement will increase your curb appeal and helps to keep Tampa looking beautiful.

Look for a professional who is equipped to handle the full range of pavement maintenance services and meets the following criteria

  • Listed in the phone book
  • Provides Insurance Certificate for General Liability and Workman's Compensation
  • List of References
  • Job pictures and locations
  • Lien releases upon completion
  • Warranty/Guarantee

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