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Orlando Sealcoating Services

Sealcoating of our Orlando roadways is essential in reducing the cost of maintenance and protection against deterioration.   One of the largest tools to measure the savings is the ever fluctuating price of crude oil in the Gulf.  The price of asphalt is determined by the current pricing of the crude oil- as these prices go up, there is an increase in the cost to repair our city’s roadways.  All Asphalt uses sealcoating as a cost saving measure to increase the longevity of our product and reduce the maintenance costs by as much as 300%.  Sealcoating, by comparison, is significantly cheaper and more cost effective than a complete pavement replacement.  Our sealcoat is made up of a mixture of emulsified salt, water, mineral fillers and various other mixtures that work to seal the top of the asphalt and prevent water from penetrating the surface, as well as providing a protective top layer to prevent the asphalt from oxidation and wear from exposure to sun, air, petroleum products including gasoline and oils, and tire damage.  The sealcoat process that All Asphalt offers can triple the life expectancy and protect your investment, in addition to providing excellent curb appeal so your roadways always look new.

Look for a professional who is equipped to handle the full range of pavement maintenance services and meets the following criteria

  • Listed in the phone book
  • Provides Insurance Certificate for General Liability and Workman's Compensation
  • List of References
  • Job pictures and locations
  • Lien releases upon completion
  • Warranty/Guarantee

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