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Lot Markings Orlando

In an effort to keep the Orlando community safe, All Asphalt provides lot markings to your newly paved surface.  We stay abreast on all ADA (American Disabilities Act) Regulations, and ensure that all roadway and parking lot markings are in compliance with these laws.  Whether it is restriping, speed bumps, signage, concrete curbing, thermoplastic, steel bollards, car stopping, or street sweeping, All Asphalt can reconfigure your plan to meet these regulations.  These services can also provide balance and symmetry to your surface.  At All Asphalt, our main priority is the safety of those in Orlando.

Look for a professional who is equipped to handle the full range of pavement maintenance services and meets the following criteria

  • Listed in the phone book
  • Provides Insurance Certificate for General Liability and Workman's Compensation
  • List of References
  • Job pictures and locations
  • Lien releases upon completion
  • Warranty/Guarantee

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